Rear Loader Attachments

3 Point Hitch Adapter3 Point Hitch Adapter

The 3 point hitch adapter allows all SAE standard front loader quick hitch attachments to be used on the rear of the tractor.



3 Point Quick Hitch3 Point Quick Hitch

The 3 point quick hitch is a 1 minute hook up for all implements-a real time saver making your job alot easier.



Box ScraperBox Scraper

A box scraper can also be used to grade a gravel or dirt driveway, path, or road. It is then filled with the material that will form the path as the box scraper is pulled along, the material pours out of the bottom to form a level path.



Handy ToteHandy Tote

Handy attachment for carrying around additional needed items such as barrels, toolboxes, generator, pallets, and garden work plate. This Handy Tote can be used with or without the working platform. Pre-punched holes, 1,000 pound capacity, and angle iron construction.



Heavy Duty "S" Tine CultivatorHeavy Duty “S” Tine Cultivator

This cultivator is excellent for preparing fields or gardens for planting.



Hydraulic Pull Type GraderHydraulic Pull Type Grader

Our graders are designed for a quick and economical way to clear and maintain waterways, build ponds, build roads, dig irrigation ditches, fill washouts, level building sites, clean feedlots, remove snow, build and maintain terraces and do many other jobs.



Landscape RakeLandscape Rake

This rake clears rock or debris and levels soil while preparing a seed bed. One of the most adaptable tools for leveling, cleaning, weed control, and seperating soils. Makes a perfect garden.



Log SpllitterLog Spllitter

The AI log splitter allows you 30 tons of split force. Featuring an 8 inch splitting blade and standard log cradle.



Multi-Function Rear BladeMulti-Function Rear Blade

All hydraulic applications are “on the go” from the cab. This unit features 6 function hydraulics with only 1 remote tractor hydraulic circuit. AI hydraulic manifold allows all hydraulic functions from cab. It allows 45 degree angle, 15 degree tilt, and 40 inch offset capabilities.



Sub SoilerSub Soiler

Excelent for loosening and breaking up soil. This improves growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem.



Super LoggerSuper Logger

The super logger doubles as a heavy duty crane. With the “log tongs” any size log is easily skidded and ideal for choker chains when moving multiple logs.



Tool BarTool Bar

The AI tool bar allows the addition of many earth engaging tools such as the “S” tine cultivator, sub-soiler, and furrowers.



Tool CarrierTool Carrier

The tool carrier can be used with spring tooth (shown), spike tines, and drag levelers, as well as many other cultivators.



Weight BoxWeight Box

The weight box counterweights your load to the rear to prevent a front-down-tip up. The added weight maintains the center of mass over the rear wheels.