Multi Hitch System

Multi-Hitch AttachmentsMulti-Hitch Attachments

The multi-Hitch system is for ripping, line laying, cable pulling, ditching, and side cutting. It allows unmatched versatility with small utility tractors.


Sod CutterSod Cutter

Ideal for landscaping, laying out flower beds, and trimming, etc.



Cable PullerCable Puller

Ideal for pulling underground water line, heavy cable, etc.  Bullet sizes available are 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″, and 2″.  Bullet size must be 1/4″ larger than cable/line being pulled.



Multi HitchMulti Hitch

The foundation of the system allows quick change of all multi-hitch attachments.




The ideal tool for ditching and draining.



Line LayerLine Layer

Direct laying of telephone and electrical cables.



ParabParabolic Subsoilerolic Subsoiler

Ideal for nursery and orchards. Minimum surface breakage.



Cultivator WeederCultivator Weeder

Severs roots deep underground. Easy to use with adjustable depth.