Backhoe Attachments

Backhoe Quick CouplerBackhoe Quick Coupler

Geometrically balanced, allows bucket to follow through it designed geometric curve. T-1 Steel construction. Specialty couplers allow attaching buckets.






Heavy Duty Backhoe Bucket with TeethGP Trenching Bucket

Fully welded seams, welded gussets in all stress areas. Hi-Tensile steel throughout, hard cutting edges, side cutters and wear plates.







Rock BucketRock Bucket

Designed for the toughest jobs. Hi-strength steel throughout. Designed for rock, ditches, caliche, frost, etc.







Mass Excavator (Sand) BucketMass Excavator (Sand Bucket)

Increases product 50%. Decreases operating cost 30%. Designed specifically for gravel, sand, light soils, ash, loams any conditions moving lighter soil. High capacity and lightweight high strength alloy steel allows operator to use the entire power of the machine. Round bottom for top loading trucks and flat bottom for basements and trenching.







Cemetery BucketBell Hole (Cemetery) Bucket

Cuts 90 degree corners. All widths available.







Pavement Removal BucketPavement Removal Bucket

The only bucket designed to deolish concrete and asphalt. Special design allows you to cradle and load all uneven sized material.







V-Ditching BucketV Ditching Bucket

Cuts ditches in on pass. All slope angles and bottom sizes available.







Bucket Mount RipperBucket Ripper

Instand mount to bucket. No interference with normal bucket operation.







V-Frost BucketRock/Frost Ripper

Single and triple shank rippers available. The most efficient method to break up calich, shale, limestone, rock and frost. Replaceable teeth.







Ditching  BucketDitch Cleaning Bucket

36″ – 72″ wide. the ideal tool for ditching, sloping, reclamation and precision leveling jobs.







Railroad Cribbing  BucketRailroad Cribbing Bucket

Heavy duty buckets for narrow trenching jobs and digging in tight quarters.







Backfill BladeBackfill Grading Blade

All widths available. The fastest leveling tool available.







T/L/B Barrel HanlderBarrel handler

Handles all hazardous waste, chemicals, oils and petroleum. 180 degree rotator standard.







Pole HandlerPole Handler

Rotates 180 degrees and opens 36″. Handles poles 1000 # and 40′ long.








Demolition GrappleSevere Service Demolition Grapple

Designed for land clearing, raking, stacking, rehandling scrap, demolished, and loose material.







Contractors GrappleHeavy Duty Contractors Grapple

Designed for land clearing, raking, stacking, rehandling scrap, demolished and loose material.