Specialty Attachments

tree-spadeTree Spade

16″ and 25″ blades, ideal for small trees and bushes.




straight-arm-clampStraight Arm Clamp

Originally designed for recycling operations and moving stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc., they are also used to move and dump refuse container and to pick up and dump Gaylord type boxes and pallets. Various arm designs allow numerous other jobs to be performed such as placing rip-rap. Optional forks are also available and clamp opening can be adjusted 12-72 inches.







Pole Handler

Carries and rotates poles 180 degrees in tight, confined locations.








Post Puller

The Post Puller is a versaitle unit for pulling wooden poles, metal fence posts and other odd shaped items. The post puller hsa been proven extremely useful in many different applications.






Snow Blizzard

Desinged to make any loard a high production snow removal machine. typically, this blade will remove snow 200% faster than large snow buckets. High strength steel is used throughout with reversible hardened cutting edges. Skid shoes are standard.





Rock Pick

The Rock Pick is the fastes way to remove heavy, embedded rocks. If it is an odd shape or hard to grasp, this is the ideal attachment.







Super Land Plane

This planing blade is designed for the professional who need maximum efficiency for levelling all soil types.







Jib Boom

Fixed length booms. Adjustable booms to 12′ in length.







Ball Hitch Adapter

Clamps to buckets in seconds. Allows skid steer loaders to move all sizes of trailers.







Root Rake With GrappleRoot Rake With Grapple

The fast, easy way to dislodge and move rocks, stumps, brush and logs. Shown with optional severe service grapple, which is also available separately.




nursery-grapple3Nursery Grapple

Ideal for picking up balled trees. This unit can also be used as a “u” dozer, scraper, and close quarter clean up tool. With the optional floor and high rise sides, it becomes a high capacity bucket, with is ideal for picking up granular and hard to load material.








new-style-barrel-handler2Barrel Handler

Designed to handle 35, 55 and 85 gallon drums, non sparking neoprene liner, rotator optional.





hydraulic-dozer-bladeHydraulic Dozer Blade

Angle 30 degrees left or right. Price includes skid shoes.







Carpet Spear

Ideal for carrying long, bulky rolls of carpet, rugs, housewrap, etc.










hyd-hammer-mountHydraulic Hammer Mount

Special heavy duty mounting plate for hydraulic hammers.




ldqhLight Duty Quick Hitch

Turns any ag tractor or older skid steer (without universal hookup) into a powerhouse machine that picks up all universal Bobcat style attachments.






3-shank-ripper-23 Shank Ripper

For ripping compacted soil, 3 ripper shanks standard.





blast-hole-stemmerBlast Hole Stemmer

Introduced into the mining industry for loading dynamite into blast holes.







Fast and efficient snow removal on sidewalks and paths. Unloads snow equally right and left.